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.Thursday, January 10, 2008 ' 10:56 AM Y
hahaha. CAL'S BACK!! i'm finally typing an entry in here.. its been like.. i dunno 2-3 months since i last updated? lol. well, i actually lost the passion for blogging.. but since i'm SO SO SO free today.. i shall just write an entry for fun.. which i doubt any1 will read becuz they've all given up hope on seeing an fresh entries here.. anyways, you wanna know why i'm so free today?? hehe. cuz its the 2nd day of Terminal 3's opening.. and my assigned task is to walk around T1 and T2 the whole day.. check for any mistakes in all of the flight arrival n departure screens.. so boring can.. i've been doing that for 8hours yesterday.. and i gotta do it again today.. tsk. student internship is really do 'sai gang' only.. but its ok! i've got that retarded gina with me.. she's over at T2 while i'm at T1.. but still, she always comes over to find me n psyco me to eat! we kept eating yesterday la.. 1st, we had swiss roles from bengawan solo.. (their pandan cheese roll is dope!) then, we parted ways and did our jobs.. she got bored, came over to T1 and suggested Gelare.. love their strawberry cheesecake yogurt!! hahaha. die man. working in airport is bad.. we spend so much time shopping and eating in transit.. sinful -.- hahaha. anyway, shall stop here.. bye!

p/s: 13hours to go!

i love you baby :))


.Friday, December 7, 2007 ' 11:51 AM Y
i am just so sick and piss of people

whom are proud.

whom love to show off..

whom are SCARSTIC

whom thinks that they are super good

whom thinks that they can lead over u dominate over you..




cross my path with such attitude..

i will definitely not show face..


.Wednesday, October 24, 2007 ' 10:45 PM Y
when will i ever be good enough...

opportunities seems so far away from me..


so much things i wann vent..

i feel so dissapointed..

i lost all respect for you..

never will i help you out in anything anymore..

if i made any mistake..

i rather u come tell me in the face..

i will know and change...

but behind my back you go around telling people..

whats more is u misinterpret my words..

dam ...






.Friday, October 12, 2007 ' 12:04 AM Y
its been one week since i 've been employed at SKIN/Ed Hardy.. i kinda enjoy working there.. fun people.. however, its been kinda hectic lately, cause of the opening of SKIN Couture at Great World City last sunday.. due to the lack of manpower, all of us had to run up and down.. work overtime and such.. especially the full-time workers.. oh, and theresa too.. she's been covering for so many people.. working almost everyday.. from opening to closing.. wads more, she's only an ad hoc.. but works full-time hours.. haha.. poor thing la.. big hugs for tessy poo~

anyways, attended gin's LA hiphop today.. ugh. kinda disapoointed in myself.. feel so stagnant.. when will i ever "kai qiao"? mmm.. nvm, i shall concentrate on my reggae first..

o ya.. ryan's ministry training yesterday was much fun.. we were supposed to dress up in outfits from the sixties and danced to Zac Efron's "Ladies Choice".. but sadly, all failed.. ha. no one dressed up to ryan's standard.. but still, it was a fun experience.. i also enjoyed jazz freestyling.. hahaha. but pui said that all i did was to emo myself.. lols.

mmm.. nothing much to blog about also.. i kinda lost the ethusiasm for blogging alrdy.. o well.. nvm.. gd nite!


.Monday, September 24, 2007 ' 2:37 AM Y

LOL.. look through my ex cca dance photos..

found some super spastic pictures of me when i was sec 3
look carefully at the text in the picture and you will find mi looking real stupid!! lol


.Sunday, September 23, 2007 ' 4:03 PM Y
Its been long siince i last post ..

Thank god for a wonderful relationship
Thank god for financial breakthrough.
Thank god for setbacks to make me wiser and stronger.
Thank god for encouragement , revelation , strength and wisedom.


Last night was a sleepless night..many thoughs flashes through my mind..its wrong thoughts but how i wish i will just go back to the past with my sec friends and dancers.. they might be worldy... but i wld really prefer their companion den to now ...

i miss my ex cell group too!!!

margaret , yongzhi , huifang , wenkai , edric!!!!!!!

Friday cellgroup was great ... full of god's prescence..
i felt refresh .. i felt a closer HIM .. i felt him unlocking this weakness stuck in my heart

i realise at the end of the day .. at the end of the tunnel .. bad times or goods times only HE can be trusted..

HE is truely my source of comfort and encouragement..
when the going gets tough i know that i can really rely on him!!!


disappointed that i nvr get into la hiphop ..
gin say's i got to be more consistence!!!
well i really got to be more consistence
always let nervousness to get the better of me..

disappointed.. but i believe god has a plan for me for putting mi in hh2!!
i believe i am going to do well!!!

going for more open classes to push my selff!!!
dont wanan stay stagnant..

am glad that after a fews weeks of pushing myself..

my flexibility improve a lil!!!
its quite an improvement for someone with super short nervesss!!!!

Life's still great knowing that i still have god and baby to depend on..
they are always with mi when the going gets tough..
to encourage mi to motivate me..

They rocks my world!! love them lots!!!


.Wednesday, September 19, 2007 ' 1:00 PM Y
baby and i had dinner at billy bomber's yesterday.. thanx for the voucher xian :))

my surf & turf, baby's mixed grill

i love dr. pepper!! =D

my lousy baby who thinks that dr. pepper tastes weird.. haha

so after dinner, we walked around MS to look for my clutch.. needed to buy one to go with my dress for bevan's wedding.. mmm.. MS din have anything appealing.. so we headed over to far east.. saw lotsa clutches there.. and thank God that i stopped buying things on impulse.. heh. i combed all of far east until i finally decided on which to buy..

baby chose and bought this for me =D plain and simple.. i like.. heh. THANK YOU BABY!

o yea.. din manage to get in LA/Lyrical for the recital.. got HipHop 2 instead.. but on a better note.. i'm also in for reggae! yes yes yes!! :)) haha. mmm.. will be going out for supper at Chomp Chomp with my sec school mates tonight.. yay~ i havent met them since we graduated from ngee ann please.. 3 years have gone so fast.. cant wait! heh.



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